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The Authorized Biography of Dr. Arthur C. Bartner

"It's always been about the students."

Dr. Arthur C. Bartner

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Homecoming 2021 

NBC4 News Los Angeles shares the story of 

Dr. Arthur C. Bartner directing Hollywood's Band 

for the last time ever.

Many thanks to NBC4's Carolyn Johnson and Jonathan Gonzalez for their support with this story.

A Life Story & Band History All-in-One
Complete with 17 Life Lessons You Can Apply Now

      When he retired at age eighty, Dr. Arthur C. Bartner became the longest-standing college marching band director in history. The University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band of today in no way resembles the ensemble he inherited in 1970. Dr. Bartner committed his life to building The Spirit of Troy from a handful of reluctant musicians into an institution recognized worldwide. The journey from obscurity to celebrity is about Dr. Bartner's perseverance during challenges, his unwavering dedication to excellence, and most importantly, his belief and confidence in his students. He taught more than music and marching to thousands of college kids during his five-decade career; he gave them once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and mentored them with life lessons to Drive It! long after graduation.

      Travel alongside the band and Dr. Bartner on road trips to rivalries, across country for national celebrations, and around the globe as goodwill ambassadors. Meet rock stars, movie stars, and television celebrities who performed with the TMB, elevating the band to Hollywood stardom. Observe Dr. Bartner leading bands at Olympics, Disneyland, Expos, and many other grand occasions. Hear why USC coaches and players call the band the heartbeat of the team. Whether sports fans, film fans, TV bingers, history buffs, or Disney devotees, there's something here for everyone.

      Twice named #1 Best College Marching Band by USA Today, the USC TMB's unique sound, style, and spirit leave a lasting impression. To assimilate fifty years of learning, relive musical memories, and vicariously experience moments in history is the gift of Drive It! Life Lessons from Hollywood's Band.

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About the Author
Christy Stansell

      Christy Stansell shares people's stories. An Emmy-nominated news producer, and now content developer for a global life coaching institute, Christy earned her broadcast journalism degree from University of Southern California (while also performing with Hollywood's Band!). After fourteen years reporting, anchoring, and producing news in markets from L.A. to D.C., Christy landed in Idaho to publish magazine articles, lead workshops for small business networks, and be twice-named Woman of the Year. Christy now writes from home with three dogs underfoot, husband in the kitchen, one daughter upstairs, and the other at USC.

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Photography Credits

Sincere gratitude to Ling Luo and Benjamin Chua for providing professional photographs for the production of this book.

Front and back covers and several pictures inside were provided by Ling Luo.
She can be reached at 

Multiple photographs within the pages were provided by Benjamin Chua.
He can be reached at

Many thanks also to USC TMB alumni who generously provided their pictures to help tell the story.
The book didn't have space for all of the requests and submissions, but every single one is appreciated.


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